Our First LEGO WeDo Robotics Program was Great!

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Yesterday we held the first session of our three-week LEGO WeDo Robotics workshop for kids in grades 2-3. We did a quick ice-breaker to get to know each other, then we dove right in.


With this age group we’ll be focusing on simple machines. At yesterday’s session we learned about gears. We built a lion out of LEGOS with some motorized gears inside. Then we plugged them into our computers and learned some basic programming language to make the lion sit up, roar, and lay back down at just the press of a button! We discussed how the computer program the kids wrote controlled the motor, how the motor moved the gears, and how the gears worked to make the lion’s legs move.


All of the participants did an excellent job working with their partner, figuring out how to build the machine, and experimenting with the computer program until they got it. Everyone’s computer programs were slightly different from each other, so we learned that there are multiple ways to solve the same problem!


This workshop will run for two more weeks, then we’ll do a three-week workshop for kids in grades 4-5. If you wanted to sign up for this workshop but didn’t make it before it filled up, never fear! We’ll be doing both workshops again before the year is out!

Check out our Facebook post to enjoy some photos of the fun getting started! Confession: Once the kids really got into the building and programming, I forgot to take any photos. Hopefully I’ll get more next week.

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