Ambrose Summer Reading Suggestions from the 5th grade

At our recent visit to Ambrose, the fifth-graders were bursting with reading enthusiasm--so much so that they broke into spontaneous applause at just the mention of a couple of book titles. Here's a list of their suggestions for summer reading:

Anderson, L. H. Fever, 1793
Applegate, K. Home of the Brave
Asch, F. Star Jumper
Avi City of Orphans
Avi Sophia's War
Barron, T.A. Merlin (series)
Birdseye, T. Storm Mountain
Bolger, K. Zombiekins
Bosch, P. The Name of this Book is Secret (series)
Burnett, F H. The Secret Garden
Chick, B. The Secret Zoo (series)
Chima, C. The Demon King
Clare, C. Fallen Angels
Clements, A. Lost and Found
Collins, S. Hunger Games (series)
Dashner, J. The Maze Runner
Davies, J. The Lemonade War (series)
Draper, S. Out of My Mind
Du Bois, W. The Twenty-One Balloons
Duble, K. Sacrifice
Emerson, M. Diary of a Sixth Grade Ninja
Erskine, K. Mockingbird
Flanagan, J. Ranger's Apprentice (series)
Fleischman, S. Bandit's Moon
Funke, C. Ghost Knight
Gutman, D. The Genius Files
Haddix, M. Found (series)
Hahn, M. Closed for the Season
Hiaasen, C. Hoot
Holm, J. Turtle in Paradise
Horowitz, A. Alex Rider (series)
Hughes, D. Search and Destroy
Kessler, E. Emily Windsnap (series)
Kinney, J. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (series)
Korman, G. Titanic (series)
Law, I. Savvy
Lee, H. To Kill a Mockingbird
Lord, C. Rules (series)
Lowry, L. All About Sam
Lowry, L. Number the Stars
Lyga, B. Archvillain (series)
Martin, A. Everything for a Dog
Mass, W. The Candymakers
Mass, W. 11 Birthdays (series)
McDonald, M. The Sisters Club (series)
McMann, L. The Unwanteds
Montalbano, A. Breakaway
Myklusch, M. The Secret War
Newsome, R. The Billionaire's Curse (series)
Nielsen, J. False Prince (series)
O'Dell, S. Island of the Blue Dolphins
Palacio, R.J. Wonder
Patterson, J. Middle School: Get Me Out of Here
Patterson, J. Witch and Wizard
Paulsen, G. Escape from Fire Mountain
Paulsen, G. Hatchet
Paulsen, G. Lawn Boy
Peirce, L. Big Nate (series)
Rawls, W. Where the Red Fern Grows
Reeve, P. Mortal Engines
Reeve, P. Predator's Gold
Riordan, R. Perry Jackson (series)
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter (series)
Russell, R. The Dork Diaries (series)
Sacher, L. Holes
Senzai, N.H. Shooting Kabul
Tashjian, J. My Life as a Book (series)
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Hobbit
Vail, R. Justin Case (series)
Van Draanen, W. Running Dream
various authors 39 Clues
Verne, J. Journey to the Center of the Earth
Watterson, B. Calvin and Hobbes (series)
West, J. Books of Elsewhere (series)
White, E. Into No Man's Land
Wills, C. Blackout
Wood, M. Incorrigible Children of Aston Place (series)
Zusak, M. The Book Thief

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