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December 2018

John McConnell: Recent Paintings

Artist's Statement:

"John subscribes to the notion that art is a way of expressing the invisible in terms of the visible. The 'invisible' refers to the inner human realm of perception, philosophy and the urge to search for greater realities which underlie appearances and transcend the material world. For him the best place to encounter this transcending perception is in nature.

He uses his art to investigate a natural world he finds charged with spiritual values. For him, the urge to create art begins with a perception of beauty in the presence of nature. This strong emotion then compels an attempt to create an image that can reawaken the same feeling, both for himself and for others."

About the Artist:

John McConnell was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1948. He earned a B.A. degree in English at Michigan State University, followed by a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University. A practicing architect, he has devoted himself to oil painting since 1990 specializing in traditional landscape painting. He studied portrait painting with David Lowrey and landscape painting with Dennis Sheehan, both members of the Guild of Boston Artists. With the latter, he developed his love of late 19th century American “Brown School,” Luminist and Tonalist landscape painters, such as George Inness and Alexander Wyant.

In addition to his painting, John is a founding principal of McConnell+Partners Architects Inc in Boston, specializing in residential and small-scale institutional and commercial design. He is adjunct professor of American architectural history at Boston College, a lecturer at the Harvard Architecture School, and a lecturer-in-residence at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Finally, he is a Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, Massachusetts, where he resides. ~

September 2018

Darren Bennett: Samplings
Image: Brooks' Wharf, Provincetown

About the Artist

Darren Bennett is an artist living and working in the Boston area. His work has been displayed at Conchetta's Gallery in Marblehead, Massachusetts, The Sprinkler Factory Gallery in Worcester, Massachusetts, and at the Healing Arts Gallery at Monadnock Community Hospital. He uses photographs as the primary source material for his paintings. To visit his website click here.

July–August 2018

After the Revolutions, Cuba, Iran and Vietnam
Image: Hanoi, Vietnam

This exhibit is about three countries that went through dramatic social revolutions during the second half of the 20th century and shows what the outcome is in the 21st century. It is a photographic witness of the lives of people in Cuba, Iran and Vietnam. Gunther visited these three countries, Cuba, Iran and Vietnam within the last four years. The portraits, street scenes and “candids” give a vivid impression of how the people of these countries dealt with their respective revolutions and how they are still greatly impacted by it. Cubans today deal with an all-pervasive poverty, Iranians with a strict religious regime and the Vietnamese are catching up with the world through a newly found capitalistic freedom while simultaneously preserving ancient practices. All this will become clear in the exhibited photographs, all the while focusing on artistic expression.

About the Artist

Gunther Winkler is a resident of Winchester since 1988. Born and educated in Vienna, Austria, Gunther came to the US as a postdoctoral scientist in 1986. Soon afterwards, Gunther joined Biogen in Cambridge and became a member of the senior management team. Gunther is now retired and he and his wife Maria frequently travel the world.

Gunther is a prolific photographer and had many solo exhibits. His photographs have been collected and are exhibited in four continents. To see his photographic travel diaries visit ~

June 2018

Jurors’ Show

The June Jurors' Show displays the work of artists Patricia F. Denn, Jennifer Levatino, and Patricia Mahon. There will be a public reception on Saturday, June 9 from 2:30-4:30. All are welcome.

High Tide Blackfish Creek, Wellfleet (watercolor)

High Tide, Blackfish Creek, Wellfleet, watercolor

Patricia F. Denn

Patricia F. Denn has been a resident of Winchester, MA and Wellfleet, MA since the mid-1980’s.  She started painting in 2001 when she took a watercolor class at Winchester Recreation, and has been painting watercolors ever since.  She has studied with Jen Flores, with Diane Fiedler at The Arlington Center for the Arts and the Maude Morgan Art Center, with Marjorie Glick at the Arlington Center for the Arts, with Bill Commerford at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and with other Boston area artists.  She is a member of the New England Watercolor Society and Winchester Artists’ Network and has had her work exhibited at Northeastern University, the West End Library in Boston, the Arlington Center for the Arts, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston. 

She is particularly interested in how light and shadow help to define the unique identity of place.  Three of the paintings displayed here reflect her enduring fascination with the landscapes of Wellfleet, MA.

Wave of Mutilation Oil

Wave of Mutilation, Oil

Jennifer Levatino

Jennifer Levatino is an artist and educator born in 1976 and raised in the Long Island suburb of Huntington, New York. She received her BFA in painting from Boston University in 1998 and a Master in Studio Teaching from BU the following year. Levatino works with oils, drawing and most recently human hair and animal horns. She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at various colleges such as The Summer Fellowship at Skidmore College, Feed Your Soul program at Maine College of Art and Artist in Residence at the Burren College of Art in County Claire, IRE. Levatino is an art educator and the Director of the K-12 Visual Art Program for Winchester Public Schools. She currently resides in Cambridge, MA with her husband and fellow educator, Jack Burke.

Artist's Statement:  These oil paintings were inspired by organisms living in or generated from parasitic and symbiotic relationships. These natural organic systems are disrupted with imagery representing human hierarchies and social constructs; art historical images, the grid. The resulting images ask the viewer to suspend their disbelief and find order within chaos emerging from layers of pigment and copper. 

The juxtaposition of animal, plant and human forms create new beings and new relationships between disparate organisms. Upon removal from their original context these unique pairings aim to display contrast between growth and decay, innocence and darkness, grotesqueness and beauty. I am interested in how the scientific study of symbiosis might become a metaphor for the relationships we develop with people, places and things and how they influence our existence.

Waiting for Spring Mixed Media

Waiting for Spring, mixed media

Patricia Mahon

Pat Mahon works on boards using acrylic paint, her photographs, and other materials. “The process begins with my photographof a landscape where the feeling is what I admire. I translate the essence of that scape into paint and paper – retaining parts of the photo as desirable. I strive always for simplicity, color, and feeling.”Pat is an artist member of the Cambridge Art Association, Cape Cod Art Association, and Guild Hall in New York.

May 2018

Carolyn Latanision: Anticipating Summer
Image: A DAY AT THE BEACH, watercolor, 22” x 29” image

May Library artist Carolyn Latanision's work is on display throughout the month. All are welcome to peruse the exhibit throughout the library. 

Exhibit Description:

With much anticipated warmer weather, Carolyn Latanision will be exhibiting paintings that reflect that season visually. The paintings will be both figurative and architectural. The exhibit will also feature one of her multiple award winning paintings from her Bethlehem Steel series.

Artist Statement:

Carolyn Latanision, a Winchester, Massachusetts resident, works primarily in water media, exploring its unique challenges and possibilities. She achieves an open, lively technique whether painting cityscapes or people, savoring rich dark textures, light, shadow, form, and the human spirit. A native of Bethlehem, PA, she has been building a series of paintings of the now closed Bethlehem Steel Corporation plant in Bethlehem, PA. Her paintings have achieved national and international recognition, awards, and sales.

She is a signature member of a number of nationally recognized art societies, including the National Watercolor Society, Rocky Mountain Water Media Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, and Whiskey Painters of America. She is a designated Copley Master in the Copley Society of Art in Boston.

Last fall, one of her Bethlehem Steel series paintings was awarded top honors in the National Watercolor Society International Exhibition in California, while another received an award in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society International Exhibition. This winter two of her paintings received awards locally, one in the New England Watercolor Society Members Exhibition and the other in the Copley Society of Art Winter Exhibition, both in Boston. Currently one of her paintings is on display at the American Watercolor Society International Exhibition in New York City.

April 2018

Marcia Crumley: Seasonal Landscapes
Image: Spring Overlook, acrylics

April Library artist Marcia Crumley's work is on display throughout the month. The artist's reception is on Sunday, April 22 from 2:30 to 4:30 PM. All are welcome!

Exhibit Description: 

Marcia Crumley’s expressive landscapes capture the beauty of New England that she sees in all four seasons. Her work provides a sense of joy and calm to the viewer, similar to the restorative effects of a walk through the woods that she frequently paints. ~

March 2018

Winchester Artists' Network: March 2018

This year’s annual show will take place from March 1-March 31 at the Winchester Public Library. There will be a public reception on Sunday, March 25 from 2:30-4:30 pm. Many of the artists will be present and all are welcome to join us.

The Winchester Artists’ Network is a loose organization, open to all artists who live, work, or make art in Winchester. We have been showcasing and displaying work of our members for more than 18 years.

For more about the Artists’ Network kindly attend the reception or contact Bob Hesse at 781-729-5013 or at

February 2018

Rob Franco: "Reflections," Oil Paintings
Image: Beached at Low Tide

February Library artist Rob Franco's work is on display throughout the month.

Artist's Statement:

"My oil paintings focus on reflections made by objects on water, shadows on surfaces, and reflections of memories made by time. These subjects are found on the coasts of New England and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Boats, birds, and wild ponies from Assateague Island are the inspiration for my paintings." ~

January 2018

Mark Chester: The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape, Photographs of New Americans
Image: Grenada Fitzroy

January Library artist Mark Chester's work is on display throughout the month. The artist's reception is on Saturday, January 13 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM. All are welcome!

Exhibit Description:

In youth my penchant to discover places and people began, National Geographic, my guide; for forty years with wanderlust and curiosity I covered the continents photographing cultural landscapes. I’ve come full circle—traveling the world not leaving the state. The Bay State: A Multicultural Landscape supporting MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant Refugee Advocacy Coalition) is a collection of informal, environmental portraits of ethnic diversity in Massachusetts. 400-plus photographs that represent over 180 countries are touring the state; a companion book for donation to schools and libraries will bring awareness to our cultural diversity:subjects of various stations, foreign-born, naturalized U.S. citizens residing in the Commonwealth. Prompted by the 2010 Census, the seed was planted earlier on assignment at Ellis Island for a 1978 essay by mentor Charles Kuralt. Unlike my candid street photography, this is a straightforward approach: individuals looking into the camera, telling stories through expression, place and pose.

Artist's Statement:

Photography is the medium that best expresses my observations and travel experiences. My work is not limited to any specific category. They are pictures of people, places and things that have touched me in some emotional, intellectual and whimsical way. The creative process for making photographs is the same, whether I am on the street in Boston, documenting daily life in Cuba or an airplane factory in Shanghai. I observe the human condition as it unfolds before me, attempting to capture that telling moment of people interacting or the juxtaposition of people in their environment. The process is a combination of thinking, intuition and anticipation of the subject; that is, I think about the angle and position to shoot from, the composition of the subject, and the light conditions. It seems to all come together in a nanosecond. Henri Cartier-Bresson referred to it as the “decisive moment.” For me a “finished piece” can be a single image or a series of photographs that best sums up the story that evokes a reaction. It resonates with the viewer. ~