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December 2017

Bob Hesse: Unquiet Cities

December Library artist Bob Hesse's work is on display throughout the month. The artist's reception is on Saturday, December 16 from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. All are welcome!

Exhibit Description:

Through these photographs, created by deconstructing Boston buildings, distorting, rearranging, and recombining the parts, Bob reminds us of the fragility of the membrane which separates our solid, everyday world from a troubling, alien realm we might enter any instant to find rules we cannot understand and streets we cannot navigate.

Artist's Statement:

"I have been taking pictures for more than 50 years. Throughout this time my fascination has come from the ability of the camera to isolate, compress, focus and reveal the overlooked and unseen. My work appears frequently in juried shows throughout the region and is held in private and public collections including the Boston Athenaeum. I am a member of the Winchester Artists’ Network and the Cambridge Art Association. I am represented by the Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery. More work may be viewed online at:"

October–November 2017

Winchester Public Schools K-12 Art Exhibit
Image: Thannasi Karasoulos Muraco, created in G 4

The October-November exhibit features student work from Winchester Public Schools K-12. Students' work was selected by a local artist and community member during the Town Day exhibition held at Town Hall last June. A reception for young artists of the WPS K-12 schools along with their family and friends will be held on October 24 at 5:30-7:30 PM in the large and small meeting rooms.

September 2017

John M. Williams: Reflections on Leadership
Image: Gandhi - Collage

"Reflections on Leadership: 

 My portraits of leaders in power at pivotal times in history depict the character and bearing of the leader, as well as his historical context.  Some succeeded while others failed. I attempt to reflect how I think each one may have been feeling.  Hopefully they inspire the viewer to ponder what qualities define leadership greatness."

Local artist John M. Williams will display his original collage interpretations of pivotal leaders in modern history, including such diverse figures as Kennedy, Gandhi, Nasser and Nixon at the Winchester Public Library from September 1 - 29. There will be a reception to meet the artist on Thursday, September 14 from 7-8:30 pm at the library.

John specializes in portrait collages of great historical figures. He pieces together small pieces of cut paper to create a likeness of his subject, revealing the person’s character and adds background components illuminating the historical context. As an autistic artist, John describes his process as a metaphor for living with autism, creating coherent images out of a chaos.

John’s work has been shown in the Outsider Art Fair in New York City, the SOFA exhibit in Chicago, and most recently in a solo show at Gallery 444 in Provincetown. He also exhibits regularly with the Asperger/Autism Network’s Artist Collaborative in their Watertown gallery.

John is a member of the Folk Art Society of America, the Concord Art Association, and the AANE Artist Collaborative. He is a graduate of Winchester High School and UMASS Lowell. For more information, see John’s website:

July–August 2017

Marina Sartori: "the flood-gates Opened, and welcomed the sea" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - from Evangeline, Part the First, I)
Image: "Marsh Nest," monotype print - 2 plates, 2016

Summer Library artist Marina Sartori's work is on display from July 1 through August 31. The artist's reception is on Thursday, August 3 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. All are welcome!

Exhibition Description:

The images in the exhibition are an exploration of local landscapes through different printmaking techniques. They are a synthesis of landscape types that emerge from the printmaking process, reflecting nature in the micro and macro scales, evoking textures and atmospheres.

Personal Statement:

"My inspiration comes from nature and the landscape - trying to absorb the landscape through walks and hikes, in its largeness and its detail, through sketching, collection, and photography. Further explorations are done through drawing, painting, and printmaking. The elements found in nature make their way into the images. These abstractions become a synthesis of archetypal landscapes. The details are traces made from the collected detritus of nature.

"I have a background in design and fine arts with a degree in architecture from Cornell University, USA and studied printmaking, photography, and painting at the Centre des Arts du Livre in Paris, Tyler School of Art in Rome, and the Hochschule für Bildende Kunst in Hamburg. The themes of memory and perception explored through printmaking and photography, I have made artist books, postcard series, and completely various mailing projects which reflect upon movement and displacement. Recently I have also created multi-sensory participatory art which includes immersive performance events, installations and travel-based projects. I have shown my work nationally and internationally in places such as Hambury, Germany, Graz, Austria, and Trieste, Italy." ~

June 2017

Susan Varga
Image: Ms. Red at Rest

Susan Varga is a Newton artist, who was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. While still in the School of Architecture there, she decided to leave her country, and immigrated to New York. After completing her studies at Columbia School of Architecture, she worked for the prominent Bauhaus architect, Marcel Breuer. She then moved to the Boston area, and earned a Masters Degree in Art Education and Ceramics at the Massachusetts College of Art.

She works in both pastels and oils. It is easy to take out a large number of colors to the site, and apply them rapidly as the light changes. It is also possible to layer colors with the use of workable fixatives, in order to layer colors. Her oils are also executed on site, at the beaches and harbors of Cape Cod. "I am greatly influenced by both the Impressionist and Post Impressionist periods of art. All my work is executed on site, working directly from nature. Van Gogh has been, perhaps, my greatest inspiration since my childhood. I greatly admire the intense energy and emotions in his paintings."

In her new works, she has been interested in capturing images of old fishing vessels. "What fascinates me in these, is the geometry and complexity of their forms. The paintings have solidity, structure, that originates from my architectural background." The details fill every inch of the canvas, the same way her designs fill her ceramic works. ~

May 2017

Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao
Image: Freedom of Space Lotus

Quanzhou (Jack) Zhao is a painter and 3D artist living in Winchester, Massachusetts.His artworks encircle many mediums including brushwork on rice paper, acrylic painting, pencil, ink on canvas, and 3D designs on screen and for print.

Zhao’s artworks have a noticeably Chinese literati painting approach encompassing a fresh and contemporary look using elements often consisting of calligraphy, landscapes, birds and flowers. His unique brushstrokes offer the viewers a distinctive fluid visual experience to explore the aesthetics and artistry value of the artist. Zhao views his artworks as a free extension and expression of himself, and often times the techniques he uses derive from deep rooted origins of the Chinese brushworks and calligraphy in which he has been studying and practicing on rice paper since he was a young child. While the subject matter is generally represented in metaphoric fashions and quasi-abstract forms, many of his works capture critical views of the worldwide social issues we are facing today including war, peace and nuclear crisis, etc.

Zhao graduated from the acclaimed painting program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels in 2001 and he proudly won the Prize of the Royal Association of Professional Artists of Belgium. Later that year he relocated to the United States to further his art studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in which he earned his MFA degree in Computer Art with a major in 3D and multimedia arts. Zhao’s artworks have been on exhibit as part of an emerging artists group showing at the Walloon Fine Art Museum in Liege, Belgium, the Culture Center of Monterrey, Mexico and an independent showing at the Puffin Room gallery Soho, New York City.

April 2017

David Feigenbaum: Ephemeral Winchester
Image: Archival Inkjet Photographic Print

Artist's Statement:

My everyday visual impression of Winchester is dominated by mid-day scenes of tree-lined suburban streets, town center shops, sports fields, and churches. There is an unchanging quality in how these places look that allows my mind to file them away for easy reference knowing that they represent a comforting static reality.

By contrast, the images in this set aim to portray a few well-known Winchester spots in a new light, one that is more ephemeral than lasting. Captured at times or in weather that was not usual, they depict a Winchester that is less commonly observed. In some cases, the images are paired; the two pictures of each pair were taken from similar vantage points but months or years apart. They portray in contrasting contexts fleeting visions of landmarks of our town.

David Feigenbaum’s photographs reveal his interest in the contradictions of daily life: old and new, static and active, populated and empty. Many of his images capture patterns and textures cast by shadows and reflections in the morning and evening across landscapes and streetscapes.

Feigenbaum’s work has been exhibited at the United States Courthouse in Boston, in the Photography Atelier exhibitions at the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester; in the Atelier 21 exhibition at the Rockport Art Association; at the Sanborn House Historical and Cultural Center, Winchester; and on Captivate, the in-office media network. His architectural photographs appear in Arts and Crafts Architecture: History and Heritage in New England, by architectural historian Maureen Meister; Paradise Planned: The Garden Suburb and the Modern City, by Robert A.M. Stern et al.; and This Old House magazine, October 2016. His images are also in the collections of the United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts; Pathstone Federal Street; Fish & Richardson; and private owners.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh and educated at Yale and Harvard Law School, Feigenbaum is a patent lawyer at Fish & Richardson focusing on high-tech startup ventures. He has studied portfolio development with Karen Davis and Meg Birnbaum at the Griffin Museum of Photography. ~ ~ 617.521.7817

March 2017

Winchester Artists' Network: March 2017

This year’s annual show will take place from March 1-March 30 at the Winchester Public Library. There will be a public reception on Saturday, March 25 from 3-5 pm. Many of the artists will be present and all are welcome to join us.

The Winchester Artists’ Network is a loose organization, open to all artists who live, work, or make art in Winchester. We have been showcasing and displaying work of our members for more than 17 years.

For more about the Artists’ Network kindly attend the reception or contact Bob Hesse at 781-729-5013 or at

February 2017

Jurors Exhibit

Artist's Reception: Saturday, February 25, 2:00-4:00 PM. All are welcome!

Patricia F. Denn

Retired after a long career in higher education, Patricia Denn has been a resident of Winchester, MA and Wellfleet, MA since the mid-1980’s. She is a member of the Winchester Artists Network, the Cambridge Art Association, and the New England Watercolor Society and has had her work exhibited at Winchester Public Library, Art in August. Northeastern University, the West End Library in Boston, the Arlington Center for the Arts, and the Massachusetts State House in Boston.

Artist's Statement: "I have been painting and studying watercolor for the past 15+ years.  I am fascinated by the variety and range of the watercolor medium and how it rewards the use of thick, vibrant color as well as delicate, transparent washes.  My work reflects my preoccupation with how the play of light and shadow can transform everyday objects and figures.  The recently painted landscapes and cityscapes in this show reflect subjects, here and abroad that continue to inspire me."


Patricia F. Denn, "Carousel, Paris, 2016", watercolor.

Robert Hesse

Artist's Statement: "I’ve been taking pictures for more than half a century and am rarely without a camera. My quest is to find beauty and wonder in the ordinary, the abandoned, the overlooked. I strive to find ways to present my work “outside the frame.”  For this show I have chosen something new, “false color,” infrared images printed on gossamer (~20 gm.) Kozo paper layered over gold leaf with encaustic medium."

HesseRobert Hesse, “Abandoned Farm”, 8x10 in.,
false color infrared pigment on 20 gm Kozo,
layered over gold leaf with encaustic medium.

Jennifer Levatino

Jennifer Levatino is an artist and educator born in 1976 and raised in the Long Island suburb of Huntington, New York. She received her BFA in painting from Boston University in 1998 and a Master in Studio Teaching from BU the following year. Levatino works with oils, drawing and most recently human hair and animal horns. She has been awarded fellowships and residencies at various colleges such as The Summer Fellowship at Skidmore College, Feed Your Soul program at Maine College of Art and Artist in Residence at the Burren College of Art in County Claire, IRE. Levatino is an art educator and the Director of the K-12 Visual Art Program for Winchester Public Schools. She currently resides in Cambridge, MA with her husband and fellow educator Jack Burke.

Artist's Statement: "I am interested in how the scientific study of symbiosis might become a metaphor for the relationships we develop with people, places and things and how they influence our existence.  My drawings imagine these relationships on a large scale, resulting in images that ask viewers to suspend their disbelief. My paintings are mélanges of animal, mineral, and art historical images emerging from layers of pigment and copper.  The juxtaposition of animal, plant, and human forms creates new beings and new relationships between disparate organisms, contrasting growth and decay, innocence and darkness, grotesqueness and beauty."


Sessile 2013

 Jennifer Levatino, "Sessile," 2013.

January 2017

Linda T. Hurd: Art for Months
Image: WIRED

Artist’s statement:
“Through writing and watercolor painting, I shed light on learning differences, choices, and personal growth.  I present a unique way to see and talk about these dynamic topics.  Painting helps me honor what I see.  Painting with watercolors has helped me learn skills like sitting still, planning ahead, and going lightly.  Painting and writing are therapeutic for me.  I like to paint various perspectives of the same subject matter—usually something common-- and I often learn something new in the process.” ~