Monthly Art Exhibits


December 2019

"Fresh Cut" Botanical Art
Image: Faye Van Wert Saintpaulia (African Violet)

Botanical art has a long tradition, combining exacting scientific illustration with aesthetic sensibilities. The artists are members of the American Society of Botanical Artists and the New England Society of Botanical Artists, and include nationally exhibited and collected works.

The artist's reception for this exhibit on will be on Sunday, December 15 from 2:30-4 PM. All are welcome to attend!


September 2019

Linda T. Hurd: Regarding Fire
Image: Fire Recovery, watercolor and ink, 8x10

Artist Statement:
It has been powerful to think about fire’s benefits and warnings. The fire theme has become a metaphor reflecting how we want to enjoy life and be safe and yet sometimes damage can happen. If it does, we may need help to recover. My fire paintings show enjoyable fire and toy fire trucks; fire safety equipment; several houses damaged by fire, and two house in stages of repair. The repaired houses changed, but are useful and strong again. There was much work and many stages of repair. I saw hope come out of despair as the houses were reconstructed. Written texts are included in the exhibit describing aspects of fire.

I see my abilities as a gift. My family and high school art teachers encouraged me. Beverly-Jean Smith, former art teacher and watercolorist gave me tips. Watercolor painting and creative writing are parts of my expression. I have a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Writing and Publishing.

July–August 2019

Neelakantan Sunder: “Tigers in the Wild”

“Tigers in the Wild” – Photography, Conservation and Habitat

Photographing tigers in the wild is an adventure and an exciting challenge. I have made a several trips into the National Parks/Tiger Reserves of India in search of this elusive and majestic animal. There are still about 2500 tigers left in the wild, most of them in India. This presentation is to give an overview of the tigers and their natural habitat. It will touch upon the increasing loss of habitat and the interaction of the tigers with humans. Understanding and appreciating the tiger’s natural life is an essential aspect of the task of preservation of the tigers.Most people never have an opportunity to see tigers in the wild, even after many trips to the wilderness. This presentation about both the photographic challenge of  capturing tiger images and also about the various wild life in the jungle that makes the wilderness what it is. All the photographs are from “Bandhavgargh National Forest.”

About Dr. Neelakantan Sunder

A Winchester resident for over 30 years, I have had a lifelong interest in nature and wildlife photography. I grew up India and has been fascinated by tigers since childhood. I had the opportunity to see the Tigers in their habitat during my visits to the Tiger Reserves in the National Parks in India. The photographs on this exhibition are from Bandhavgargh National Park over two consecutive years.

Recent exhibits:

“Abstraction Attraction,” Lafayette City Center, Boston

“In your Mother Tongue: Word and Image dialogue”. Lafayette City center-Boston from June 26th . My photograph and my daughter, Diana Sunder’s poem will be on exhibit together.

Join us for Dr. Neelakantan Sunder's talk, "Tigers in the Wild" on Tuesday, July 23, 7-8 PM. All are welcome! 

June 2019

James Obbard: Bright Colors

Artist's Statement: 

"This work is representational, has an element of mystery!" 

Jim Obbard has been painting for 25 years. He paints representational works, primarily in oil, of familiar people, landscapes, and everyday objects. His inspiration is the mundane and common which he finds during both everyday walks and contact with people. His paintings feature very high contrasts, the use of subdued primary colors, and a careful organization. Jim has exhibited with the Maine Art Group, Winchester Art Network, and in juried shows at the Duxbury Art Association and Concord Art Association where he was awarded a prize for oil painting.

May 2019

Laurie Schmidt: Drawing on Vacation Inspiration

The closing reception for this exhibit on will be on Thursday, May 30th from 6-8 PM. All are welcome to attend!

Artist's Statement: 

Laurie Schmidt will exhibit her art work at the Winchester Public Library through the month of May. Laurie was an instructor of art at McCall Middle School for thirty years, and taught art for a total of 36. She retired from teaching in July of 2016.

Through May, Laurie will be showing a range of drawings and watercolor paintings that reflect expressions of inspiration she experienced while traveling last year. Media include oil pastel, ink, and watercolor. She has enjoyed seeing places and experiencing cultures in and out of New England. 

Laurie has focused on altering and personalizing aspects of the natural world. For example, she will use fauvist color schemes when organic matter are devoid of such, or take natural forms like roots and trees and incorporate whimsical elements of her own imagination.

About the Artist:

She has worked in a wide range of art media from the age of 5 years old, and continues to be curious about new media and methods of making art work. In addition to drawing and painting, Laurie is involved in rug hooking, and the creation of one of a kind artisan jewelry pieces.

Glass Display Case:

Semiotics of Glaze by K. Graze (dallio) 

image of ceramic pieces

April 2019

Marie McPartlin: Portraits of Flowers

Artist's Statement:

A showing of original watercolors and prints by Marie Enright McPartlin, a local Winchester artist, will be on exhibit throughout the Winchester Public Library for the month of April. Marie lived in Winchester her entire childhood and graduated WHS in 1961.


About the artist: 

Marie McPartlin is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art . She taught High School in Western Mass after graduation. Her earliest memory of flowers was in her grandfather's greenhouse .The scent of the fresh dirt from then on became the inspiration for a lifetime of florals.

January 2019

Kira Seamon: “Stained Glass Sky”
Image: Water Fountain

Artist's Statement: 

“Stained Glass Sky” is innovative photographer Kira Seamon’s unique kaleidoscopic fall-foliage images. Branches, leaves and bark recombine into fascinating shapes and colors reminiscent of stained glass.

Kira loves the woodland areas, forests, ponds, streams and rivers of New England and can be found most days trekking through the natural spaces in New England in the search for the most amazing photos. She comes across deer, hawks, rabbits, beavers and swans regularly, but she is most passionate about the beautiful foliage she encounters on these magical excursions. She is a devoted photographer, often visiting the same bush or tree four or five days in a row, in search of that PERFECT moment, where there is a cessation of wind and the sunlight is out “just so”!!! Patient and expectant, she sets up shop in a particular area and awaits the arrival of perfect conditions for photography.

Her pursuit has led her to the beautiful towns of coastal Maine, through MA and RI and even down to NYC. She is very excited to pair this beautiful nature photography with Art in Bloom events, which she will enthusiastically host in 2019 in seven area libraries. "Stained Glass Sky" is now booked in 29 Boston area libraries from its debut in August of 2017 in the Wellesley Free Library. She has garnered significant media support for it with over 27 newspaper cover stories, including here in Winchester from the Winchester Star and Daily News Transcript for this exhibit! The explosion of color on the walls is a good antidote to the January blues. Come down to the library in January to see unique exuberant fall foliage and the vibrant colors and fascinating shapes of Kira's stunning art.

About the Artist:

A National and two-time Regional Dance Champion, Kira Seamon recently celebrated a 40-year career in dance. She was nationally recognized for her choreography in the Dance Teacher Magazine as an Editors' Choice and in the Dance Spirit Magazine as an Editors' and Viewers' Choice for Future Star of the Month. Also an accomplished musician, she performs piano concerts in conjunction with her art receptions. She was a Gold Medal Winner and State Winner in piano performance when she lived in Hawaii, where she was born.